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Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an award-winning website for nursery and primary school children. It enables children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way. The simple to use programs allows students to learn complex IT skills such as animations, coding, programming and debugging, music creation, and much more.

Purple Mash contains dozens of powerful open-ended tools and educational games that let our students learn through unique and creative lessons, no matter what the subject.

And best of all, students can log on at home to access what they have been learning at home to either enhance their knowledge or just have fun!

Purple Mash will work from almost any device, although from phones it will display a warning message before you continue to the site.

Purple Mash



Children are also able to communicate with their teachers using the 2email account. It is made as simple as possible, with just an inbox and a ‘compose’ button for new emails. Children can also attach any work that has been completed and sent back to their teacher.

Email can be accessed directly from the link below

(please note that this will work only after logging in to Purple Mash)


by clicking Tools -> 2email -> 2email.


Year Group Blog

Each year group has been assigned a blog page. Children are encouraged to upload home learning; however, the expectation is that the children treat their messages as they would with any other school writing activity:  full sentences, punctuation and the correct spelling whenever possible. Messages can be edited by the teacher at a later date. To access the year group blog, click the green SHARING tab and then click on SHARED BLOGS.


Computing Curriculum

Fluent use of computers, tablets, phones and applications has become indispensable to most careers and indeed everyday life. These developments are supported by the growing number of jobs available in ICT that require much higher levels of ICT skill.  The government has recognised this and, since National Curriculum 2014, now expects schools to move beyond the previously Microsoft Office-heavy focus, towards teaching the more complex subject of Computing.

King’s Park Academy use Purple Mash to teach the complete computing curriculum. All modules (such as coding, spreadsheets, databases and internet safety) have dedicated tools embedded within the Purple Mash program – these can be fully accessed from home. The curriculum plan for each year group can be found here: Purple Mash Scheme of Work Overview with mixed age


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