REMINDER: Staff Training Day on Friday 3rd December 2021
If you are a prospective parent looking for your child to join King's Park Academy in 2022, please call the main office on 01202 395138 to arrange a tour of our lovely school.
To report your child absent please email [email protected] before 9am.

How to… use Teams

How to… get started with Microsoft Teams

Watch these video for a tour of the main parts of Microsoft Teams needed for Remote Learning.


How to find an assignment.


How to find a recorded lessons.


How to find your learning links.


How to… resolve problems with logging into Teams



How to… upload work to a Microsoft Teams assignment

Watch the short video for how to upload an assignment using a PC or laptop:



How to… upload a photo to a Teams assignment

Watch the short video for how to upload work when using Microsoft Teams


How to… install Microsoft Word (and other Office apps)

Your child’s Microsoft account (ending allows them to download Microsoft Office to one device for free. Find out how, here:

(Please note, this is not currently possible with school laptops loaned to families)


Remote Learning

Thought of the week

Jim Rohn If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.