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Home Learning

Access these free and useful websites to assist your child’s learning:- – weekly homework will be set for children to complete each day on this site

Accessing Purple Mash

2email instructions – children can practise their times tables – YEAR 6 – Key Stage 1 – range of sites with free subscriptions – free resources provided for school closures – KS2 year groups and up code UKTWINKLHELPS for a FREE month for teachers and parents – resources for primary school parents and teachers – some free and specific ‘home learning’ packs now online – for all children to increase general knowledge – for all children to practise spelling patterns and tricky words – reading comprehension – mixed subjects – mixed subjects – Top Marks – Loads of online games for maths (I’ve linked to hit the button which is great for learning times tables). – and to games for the age range – mixed subjects  – mixed subjects – language platform

Daily routine – A suggested routine for children at home

Phonics play – Free online play for phonics interactive games

FREE online education resources (1) – FREE online education resources. A non-exhaustive list that might help those affected by school closures due to coronavirus, compiled by home educators.

How to complete a 2Do task on Purple Mash – A ‘how to’ guide for purple mash

https:/  – Audible – Wide selection of free streaming stories for the duration of closures (doesn’t work on internet explorer).!/2020/03/creative-learning-at-home.html – Creative Learning – Some amazing ideas for creative learning at home -Author Readings – A list of online author readings and suggested activities – Read Theory – This needs signing up to and a ‘class’ setting up but I really rate it.  Child can read then answer questions which the adult can see on their portal.  Good way of tracking. – Family Zone – Made by the literacy trust and split into age groups.  Comprehensive portal for literacy based stuff. – EYFS Ambassador Blog – gives ideas for day plans and activities. Some really good stuff. – Tate Kids – Some great art activities and ideas – Maths with parents – Teach Your Monster to Read – name sums it up -White Rose Maths – Some planned lessons and resources for maths  – Literacy Shed – loads of online videos with writing ideas and also links to maths and spelling but I think these need signing up to. – Pobble 365 – A picture a day with writing ideas and questions.  Might be a bit advanced for 5 year old but would be good discussion starters or “Tell me a story about this…” type activities – Jane Consadine  ‘sentence stackers’ on youtube every day






At King’s Park Academy we believe that homework is an important part of your child’s education. We set daily and weekly home learning appropriate to your child’s ability and age. We expect all homework to be completed and we welcome any support from home to ensure that this happens.

Year 1
Home learning projects related to their topics

Year 2
Monday (due in on Wednesday) – Maths
Daily Reading
Weekly Spellings

Years 3-6
Monday (due in on Wednesday) – Maths
Wednesday (due in on Friday) – English
Daily Reading
Times Tables
Weekly Spellings


Thought of the week

William A. Ward The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.