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1st May 2015

The election – isn’t that when it goes all dark?

What we learned from asking primary school children about the vote

IT’S hard to avoid talk of the General Election at the moment.

With less than a week to go until the big day, newspapers, TV and social media are awash with stories about political issues.

Housing, immigration, education and health are being discussed in great detail as the parties battle to win our votes.

But what does all this mean to primary age children?Elections Picture

Are they taking any notice or are they oblivious to what’s going on?

At Kings Park Academy in Bournemouth, Associate Principal Dawn Wilks allowed the Daily Echo to have a chat with some young students about the election.

We asked them a few questions and showed them some pictures in an attempt to find out what they’ve picked up on.

“The election – isn’t that when it goes all dark?” was one response, with a picture of Nigel Farage identified as David Cameron’s dad and mass confusion about the date of the election.

Chosen policies included “banning all smoking forever”, shortening the school day, lengthening the school day and charging university fees of £100 per year.

The children also said politicians make promises, then fail to deliver them, and said the Queen lives next door to the Prime Minister.

Most were able to identify a picture of David Cameron and all were convinced he is related to Farage.

One boy recognised Nick Clegg, but none were able to recognise Ed Milliband.

While some argued that the school day should be shorter, some said it should be longer to allow us to compete with other countries.

The group also showed a genuine concern for the state of the environment and were happy to report that talking about the election had been much more fun than PE.

Our charming panel; nine-year-olds Matthew Stocks, Anakin Skan Campbell, Marshall Eldergill and Courtney Sewell, eight-year-olds Ryan Richardson, Megan Hastings and Dominika Michalowska and 10-year-olds Piper Blake and Leah Hastings.

Read this article and view the video clip here

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