Attendance Awards

We continue to celebrate the good attendance of our pupils and this year, we have introduced new incentives and rewards for the children who achieve 100% attendance. Instead of the children having to attend 100% of an entire academic year, we will now celebrate 100% attendance at the end of each term. This will mean that if a child has had time off during the Autumn Term, they will still have a chance to win a certificate if they attend every day.

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Attendance for the whole year at King’s Park Academy



Thank you to all parents for getting your children into school every day and on time.






Attendance Winners of the Week

Every week we announce in Celebration Assembly which class from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 has had the best attendance that week. Both winners receive a class certificate and the class with the highest overall percentage gets to keep Bestie Bear for the week.

Week Ending :  17th January 2020

Key Stage 1: 2RB

Key Stage 2: 5JS

Well done!


Whole School’s Weekly Attendance


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Spring Term Table

Autumn Term 201819

Spring 1 Term 201819


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