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Read, Write Inc

Read Write Inc

At King’s Park Academy we use the programme Read Write Inc to teach reading and writing skills in Reception and Year 1.


The English language is very complex to learn and Read Write Inc is an engaging, child friendly programme which teaches children to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. They learn to form each letter, spell correctly and compose their ideas step-by-step.


The programme uses phonics to teach reading through the identification of phonemes (spoken sound) and graphemes (written sound).  All words are made up of phonemes e.g. in ‘mat’ we have the sounds ‘m–a–t’.  The sounds are taught in a specific order with each sound lesson teaching the children how to say, read, write and use that sound. Simple and enjoyable mnemonics help all children to grasp the letter-sound correspondence e.g. to write the letter ‘a’ children will repeat ‘around the apple, down the leaf’ as they are writing. High frequency words that are not phonetically regular are taught as tricky (red) words and are practised frequently.


Once the children have a solid sound knowledge and can blend sounds together to read words, storybooks are introduced.  Read Write Inc books and writing activities are carefully matched to the sounds they can already read therefore setting them up for success.


If you would like any further information about Read Write Inc please ask or visit the following website which has some useful videos to support you at home.



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